Drysuit Repairs

We have seen almost every imaginable problem you could have with a wet or drysuit, so why give it to anyone or have the hassle yourself.

A drysuit is an integral part of your kit and we have the experience, equipment and resources to repair most makes.

Whether it's one suit or one hundred, we will perform every repair with the same attention to detail as the last.

We have been around since 1966 and there's very little we don't know about scuba diving equipment or the manufacture of neoprene products.


We are proud to say that we are the first choice for many of the U.K.'s. commercial, military and rescue organisations.

We endeavour to design and manufacture a suit that perfectly meets our customers requirements and not simply take a suit from stock. If required, we will go through a full consultation process to discuss our customers needs in detail and ascertain their own unique requirements. Discussions may be on how or where the suits are to be used, the people using the suits or simply whether the seals are to be latex or neoprene.

Whether you are buyer for the fire brigade, a rescue volunteer or a commercial fisherman. Let us help you decide on the best drysuit for your requirements.

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Neoprene and scuba diving is in our blood, so we are naturally the first port of call when someone is interested in manufacturing a product out of neoprene.

Our involvement ranges from the supply of neoprene, all way through to prototyping and mass production.

We are happy to share our experience on the properties of neoprene and its unique capabilities, as well suggest production methods and different cost implications.

We are proud to be a U.K. Manufacturer.

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The properties of Neoprene are endless, allowing it to be used for strength, protection and comfort. We now have a diverse portfolio of products that offer help to teachers and carers through to motor mechanics and factory workers.

Here you will find our range of body protection for teachers and carers of children or adults with special needs. If our range doesn't meet your exact requirements, we happy to develop a product that is suitable.

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